Master Services Agreement

Master Services Agreement

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  • A California Corporation
  • Services Requested:
    (Note: Ten-West Towing, Inc.'s services are limited to those directed by the Client, or those which are ordinarily and regularly considered required to complete the requested Services. All Services are provided in accordance with Federal, State and local statute and regulations, and as required by the appropriate regulatory agencies. Client, unless expressly stated otherwise, is responsible for obtaining all required permits and authorizations, and for providing all necessary access and permissions to access the Site.)

    1. General. This Agreement is subject to the Ten-West Towing, Inc. Terms and Conditions Statement, and the Ten-West Towing, Inc. Fee Schedule, which together constitute the entire Agreement relating to the Services. Signature of the Client's authorized representative below constitutes acknowledgement that all documents have been read and are understood, and constitutes acceptance of the Agreement in its entirety.
  • 2. Compensation and Payment. Compensation for the Services shall be in accordance with the attached Ten-West Towing, Inc. Fee Schedule. Cost information provided by Ten-West Towing, Inc. are estimates only and are not binding on Ten-West Towing, Inc. Payment for Services is required to be in accordance with the Terms and Conditions Statement and acceptance of this payment schedule is a material condition of this Agreement, and any delay or threatened delay in payment will allow Ten-West Towing, Inc. to suspend or terminate operations immediately. Signing the Client/Agent below constitutes Agreement that this provision is fully understood by Client/Agent, and that Client/Agent accepts responsibility for payment according to the schedule provided in the Terms and Conditions Statement.
  • 3. Insurance. Client is responsible for providing Ten-West Towing, Inc. with proof of insurance prior to the commencement of Services, said proof to name Ten-West Towing, Inc. as additional ensured on the portions of the policy covering the Services. Client is required to compensate Ten-West Towing, Inc. according to paragraph 2 and the Terms and Conditions statement regardless of delays in payment which may be caused by the insurance company. If insurance limits or policy provisions are deemed unsatisfactory by Ten-West Towing, Inc., Ten-West Towing, Inc. may require advance payment before beginning or continuing to provide Services.

    4. Limited Power of Attorney. Signing the Client/Agent below constitutes appointment of Ten-West Towing, Inc. as its attorney-in-fact to execute on behalf of Client all profile, waste manifests and other documents required for the proper transportation and disposal of waste and hazardous material resulting from or recovered by Ten-West Towing, Inc. during the performance of Services. This appointment may be relied upon until withdrawn in writing.
  • Signatures below constitute acceptance of all of the terms of this Agreement as described above, in the Ten-West Towing, Inc. Fee Schedule and the Terms and Conditions Statement. This constitutes the total agreement between the parties and replaces any and all prior agreements, whether written or oral.
  • Ten-West Towing Inc.

  • Client Authorized Representative